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Which TV Show You Watch/Want?

Please let us know which TV Show you want so that we will give it upload priority.


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  1. Please encode The Killing S01-S04 in 480p x264 and 720p x265.

    I see you’ve stopped doing 480p encodes in x264 and instead moved on to x265 completely. That’s well and fine but many people still prefer x264 since x265 doesn’t run on most TVs, and lag on many phones. The only way to watch x265 is sitting in front of the computer.

    I suggest instead of doing 480p in x265 and getting 80-90 MB size, please do 480p in x264 (150-220 MB) and 720p in x265 (180-300 MB). This way, both groups of viewers are satisfied.

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  2. prison break s3 and s4

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  3. Dragons: Race to the Edge it’s already out on Netflix! 😀

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  4. Please strike back Season 5 and The Last Ship Season 2 need,,please

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  5. need strike back and The Last Ship TV Shows

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  6. please upload true detective season1

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  7. Please add Dragons: Race to the Edge please o.o

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