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HEVC – x265

High Efficiency Video Coding – HEVC

HEVC   x265 MkvTube

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, promises twice the compression possible with Blu-ray’s best video compression methods.

I’d like to call it H.265, because it sounds cool, but it’s full name is High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). It’s the new successor to Advanced Video Coding (AVC), also known as H.264, which is one of the compression schemes used by Blu-ray.

The idea of HEVC is to offer the same level of picture quality as AVC, but with better compression, so there’s less data to deal with. This is key if we want 4K/Ultra HD broadcasts (including satellite), 4K Blu-rays, and more.

This is a new HQ codec, which brought stunning video quality but it probably won’t be played on your old smart TV or BluRay Player. Though I played it fine with MX player on my android device.

If you want to play it on your PC, you can easily use VLC, MPC-HC, GOM Player , PotPlayer, KM Player  or any other modern media player. just be sure you got the latest version of them.If you have no video and only the audio is playing, try to update your player or use another one. Installing LAV Filters may help.

HEVC   x265 MkvTube

This is nothing you can compare with x264 releases so Don’t let the size scare you. small sizes don’t always mean LOW QUALITIES. This is the best you can get in this size.

HEVC Will Provide A Quality Of 720p Video in less Than 480p Video Size with MKV Package.

Bottom Line, HEVC gonna revolutionize the current media technology, it will be bringing everything in better quality and less data rates.

Please Note that HEVC is New encoding Technology so it won’t support old players.

HEVC will not work on Old Media Players, BluRay Player and TV Usb Stick Manufactured Before 2014.

Download HEVC Only If You Gonna Watch it On Your PC with Latest Players and Enjoy its amazing Quality.

Android Users, Enable Software-Hardware Encoder to enjoy HEVC on Mx Player.

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