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About Us

About Us

Hey Readers, We are a group of people here just like you who wants to watch our favourite TV shows at highest Quality Release with minimal size possible. We search the whole internet to find the good quality Release everyday so we thought of creating a portal where one could just come and download the best Release available on Internet.No more searching anymore.

We are big fans of MMKV (MicroMKV), YIFY, BOB, PSA(HEVC) etc and this website is dedicated to these encoders who spend a lot of time to make our work easier.

As HEVC has been released now, our main target will be to bring all HEVC release for you. It gives Maximum Quality with limited size. Just update Your Media player to Enjoy these Releases.

Most of our Posts are from MMKV, DDMKV, Encodeking, PSA Or some other Sources.

Again we want to remind you that we do not encode any show/ movie ourselves, We just give u links of best quality smallest size file of the show/ movie you want. We all are pirates here, aren’t we?

If you want to donate to real encoders, please contact us, we will direct you to respective encoder official site

Download The shows with no ads and Keep Wasting Time.